Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition




The Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, featuring stunningly detailed and painted miniatures, recreates exciting space battles as you take the role of squad leader in furious space combat.

Since its release, X-Wing Miniatures Game has invited players to enter the Star Wars galaxy and play out their own battles with some of the series’ most iconic starfighters.


Now, it’s time for a new chapter in your X-Wing journey...




Due to the massive success of the First Edition, X-Wing will now offer players an even better experience with the upcoming Second Edition!

Since the release of the game in 2012, X-Wing Miniatures Game has grown and expanded to become a massive bestseller. Fourteen waves and fifty-eight distinct starships provided a massive library of ships and tactical possibilities, giving players the chance to field hundreds of unique squadrons in space battles across the Star Wars saga.

New to the Second Edition
With X-Wing Second Edition, gameplay has been refined across the board, implementing minor tweaks and changes to improve game flow, clean up interactions, and refocus the game on the physical act of flying starships.

The chance to implement 'the Force' as an important part of the game also comes with the release of the Second Edition. The Force will affect how you fly your ships and the choices that you make in the heat of battle.

Faction identities have been strengthened, giving each faction more unique tactics and strategies. What’s more, the First Order and Resistance have been reformed into their own distinct factions with their own themes, strengths, and weaknesses.

An official X-Wing squad builder app/website will be implemented, bringing a new level of dynamic play to Organized Play and casual games alike.


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